Hybrid Turbocharger 440RS 2.0 TFSI EA113 & EA888

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Hybrid Turbocharger 440RS for 2.0 TFSI EA113 and TSI EA888 engines in applications up to 440 hp.

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Excl. Tax: €630.00 Incl. Tax: €781.20


Hybrid Turbocharger 440RS for up to 440hp.

 New hybrid turbocharger for 2.0 TFSI EA113 and 2.0 TSI EA888 GEN1 & GEN2 engines in applications up to 440hp.

 - Billet Compressor Wheel 49.5 mm
 - High efficiency 9 Blade turbine wheel.
 - Larger diameter thrust bearings with an increased thickness on the thrust direction.
 - Bolt-on application.

New buying options!

Turbo exchange: This option requires to ship your stock K04-064 Borg Warner turbocharger out of a 2.0TFSI and it is mandatory that your turbo has no cracks or damage in the turbine and compressor housings. Your order will be processed after we receive and check your turbocharger,if your cartridge is damaged there is an additional cost for replacing it with a new one, in this case, you will be informed via e-mail or phone call. The hybrid 440RS turbocharger that you will receive has the following brand new parts: large billet compressor wheel, 9-blade high efficiency turbine wheel. The compressor and turbine housings are refurbished borg warner, after being thoroughly checked and then is machined with the appropriate tolerance in CNC machines in order to work with the large wheel.

New: With this option, you will get a 440RS Hybrid turbo which is based in an OEM brand new Borg Warner K04-064 turbocharger which is then converted to a 440RS.

The color option refers to the blow-off valve.

All the processes take place into our own CNC HAAS milling VF4 4 -Axis machine and our CNC HAAS turning SL20 3 - Axis machine, constructed in the USA, with 0.001mm accuracy. The turbochargers are dynamically balanced in-house in operating conditions (high-pressure hot oil and coolant) at 100.000+ RPM as a complete cartridge assembly.

The compressor wheel is manufactured out of solid (billet) high-quality aluminum. The upgraded "gen 2" compressor wheel is much larger than the stock unit and thus has greatly improved flow characteristics while maintaining low weight due to it's construction and alloy. The turbine wheel is a high efficiency 9 blade design for reduced back pressure, which results in a broader torque curve and increased horsepower in high RPM. The new 440RS corresponds to demanding drivers that seek for maximum gains from a quick solution without any modifications in the engine bay. The 440RS turbocharger system is a direct bolt-on installation and fits just like stock.

We engineer, design and manufacture all our products according to the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The R-TMG relief valve

The R-TMG relief valve is made from billet aluminum 6082, can be chosen as closed type or open type in different anodized colors. The open type relief valve relieves the air in the environment with a smooth sound (when the throttle is released). The diverter type relief valve recirculates the air in the turbocharger intake in a more silent way. Both of them perform better than the factory, protecting the turbocharger in high-pressure conditions and steep load variations. Furthermore, the valve piston is made from aluminum in contrast with the factory one that is made from plastic making it vulnerable and possible to break in high pressures causing even the destruction of the turbocharger. The R-TMG relief valve has an adjustable spring preload. Additionally, the package includes all the necessary parts such us the Pieburg Solenoid, Bracket, Boost Tap adapter, Zip Ties, Screws. The R-TMG relief valve operation will not cause a check engine light or any fault codes.

The wastegate

The wastegate is responsible for the turbocharger boost pressure. The wastegate is a modified stock one with a stiffer spring which makes possible higher boot pressure. With the Wastegate exchange option, it is mandatory that you send your stock wastegate from a K04-064 turbocharger to be modified.


The option for EA888 GEN1 & GEN2 engines includes only the modification required to the turbocharger's compressor housing in order to fit without interfering with the engine block. All other modifications required such as silicone hose, diverter valve relocation, etc is not included an are the responsibility of the mechanic to perform those modifications.

Compatible engines: AXX, BWA, BHZ, CDL


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