Hybrid Turbocharger 420RS 2.0TSI EA113


Hybrid Turbocharger 420RS for 2.0TFSI EA113 engines in applications up to 420 hp.

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Hybrid Turbocharger 420RS

After lots of dynotests and participation in many dragster races, we managed to create a new turbocharger system suitable for daily use thanks to the appropriate and tested impulse wheel - axe combination that ensures the optimum response and horsepower.

All the processes take place into our own CNC HAAS milling VF4 4 -Axis machine and our CNC HAAS turning SL20 3 - Axis machine, constucted in USA, with 0.001mm accuracy. The turbocharger calibration is made in REDAT machine, constructed in Italy, with 0.8-1.0 G Force accuracy.

Our company peruses, designs and produces all its appliances in CAD / CAM original softwares with ISO 9001:2008.

The new 420RS corresponds to demanding drivers that seek for max gains from a quick solution without any modi cations in the engine bay. The 420RS turbocharger system ts with great accuracy to all peripheral modi cations that the owner has already done, making it suitable for every peripheral setup.

The turbocharger package is con gurable, promising even better results by getting the whole package of the turbocharger, the relief valve and the adjustable wastegate.

The R-TMG relief valve

The R-TMG relief valve is made by forged aluminium 6082, can be chosen as closed type or open type in different anodized colours. The open type relief valve extinguishes the air in the enviroment with a smooth sound (when we release the throttle). The closed type relief valve recycles the air in the turbocharger intake in a more silent way. Both of them behave better than the factory one, protecting the turbocharger in high pressure conditions and steep load variations. Furthermore, the valve piston is made from metal
in contrast with the factory one that is made from plastic making it vulnerable and nally break in high pressures causing even the destruction of the turbocharger.
The R-TMG relief valve spring is adjustable, accomplishing the ideal motor operation for every possible setup. Additionally, the package includes all the neccessary spare parts such us the Solenoid, Bracket, Boost Tap, Zip Ties, Screws. The R-TMG relief valve operation is ideal and there are no check engine lights.

The wastegate

The wastegate is responsible for the turbocharger boost pressure, in cooperation with the N75 electrovalve. The wastegate is constructed by forged aluminium and adjusts a harder spring capable of producing 1.2 bar mechanical boost pressure, thus accomplishing even higher maximum boost pressure - horsepower in contrast with the factory one. Apart from the preloaded spring, there is the choice of adjusting the wastegate by its two extra nuts.

Compatible engines: BWA, BHZ, CDL




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