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Multi-Disc Clutch Isuzu D-Max

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Multi-Disc Clutch kit for Isuzu D-Max

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Excl. Tax: €1,900.00 Incl. Tax: €2,356.00


Multi-Disc Clutch kit for Isuzu D-Max

Available in Stage 3 for 1200 NM (885 ft-lbs), Stage4 for 1500NM (1106 ft-lbs) and Stage 5 for 1800NM (1327 ft-lbs)

The kit includes twin disc clutch, lightened single mass chromoly flywheel, bearing and bearing adapter

The multi-disc clutch has been designed by our engineers and tested in drag, drift and daily cars extensively to achieve great pedal feel, high torque capacity, and reliability. The friction materials are ceramic, made in germany and the outer diameter is 186 mm to 200 mm.

The clutch is machined out of billet aluminum alloy and is then anodized for increased surface hardness and corrosion resistance.

All spare components such as clutch diaphragm spring, fulcrum ring, pressure plate, clutch discs, floater plates, etc are available individually in order to replace any worn-out components, and thus you won't have to buy a completely new clutch kit. The pressure plate and floater plate surfaces are honed to provide a uniform, smooth friction area. The hub splines are manufactured of high strength steel and are then heat treated for increased surface hardness.

All manufacturing processes are performed in our CNC HAAS milling VF4 4 -Axis machine and our CNC HAAS turning SL20 3 - Axis machine, constructed in the USA, with 0.001mm tolerance. The dynamic balancing is performed with 0.8-1.0 G accuracy.

Twin disc clutch friction surfaces are multiple compared to a single clutch disc. As a result, torque capacity is increased but the clutch pedal effort and clutch engagement are as smooth as in a stock clutch. The reduced clutch pedal effort translates to less thrust load of the crankshaft thrust bearings. The weight and moment of inertia of the multi-disc clutch are greatly reduced again, compared to a single disc clutch and as a result, the engine can rev easier.

RTMG Performance designs, analyzes and produces all it's products with genuine CAD/CAM software according to ISO 9001:2008.

Suitable for vehicles with manual gearbox.

*NOTE: The twin disc clutch is a wear component and thus it is not covered by a warranty.


SKU clutch-isuzu


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