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DSG6/DQ250 Torsen Differential

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Torsen Limited Slip Differential for DSG6/DQ250 Gearbox

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TMG Performance release a torsen limited slip differential for DSG6/DQ250 of VW Group . The TMG Torsen is Type A which use helical gears. The Torsen differential works just like a conventional differential but can lock up if a torque imbalance occurs.During acceleration under asymmetric traction conditions, so long as the higher traction side can handle the higher percentage of applied torque, no relative wheelspin will occur. When the traction difference exceeds the TBR, the slower output side of the differential receives the tractive torque of the faster wheel multiplied by the TBR; any extra torque remaining from applied torque contributes to the angular acceleration of the faster output side of the differential. The TMG DQ200 Torsen differential helps a lot car which use DSG because they have very short gear ratios and they have wheel spin, our Differential eliminate this situation as also helps a lot for track use !


SKU lsddq250


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