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Hybrid Turbocharger for IHI 2.0L TSI

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Hybrid Turbocharger for IHI  2.0 TSI  for applications up to 400hp.

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Excl. Tax: €580.00 Incl. Tax: €719.20


Hybrid Turbocharger IHI for 2.0 TSI engines in applications up to 400hp.


Turbo exchange: This option requires to ship your stock IHI turbocharger out of a 2.0 TSI and it is mandatory that your turbo has no cracks or damage in the turbine and compressor housings. Your order will be processed after we receive and check your turbocharger, if your cartridge is damaged there is an additional cost for replacing it with a new one, in this case, you will be informed via e-mail or phone call. The hybrid IHI turbocharger that you will receive has the following brand new parts: large billet compressor wheel, large turbine wheel. The compressor and turbine housings are refurbished after being thoroughly checked and then is machined with the appropriate tolerance in CNC machines in order to work with the large wheels.

The compressor wheel is manufactured out of solid (billet) high-quality aluminum. The upgraded "gen 2" compressor wheel is much larger than the stock unit and thus has greatly improved flow characteristics while maintaining low weight due to it's construction and alloy.

The turbine wheel and shaft are much larger than the stock as well. This improves the turbine exhaust gas flow and reduces backpressure. The reduced back pressure allows for more ignition timing and an overall broader torque curve. The Hybrid IHI is a bolt-on for power and torque gains with the appropriate supporting mods.

After lots of dyno and road tests, we managed to create a new turbocharger system suitable for daily use thanks to the selected turbine wheel - shaft that ensures optimal response and reduced backpressure.

We machine and manufacture all parts in our CNC HAAS milling VF4 4 -Axis machine and our CNC HAAS turning SL20 3 - Axis machine, made in the USA, with 0.001mm accuracy. The turbocharger calibration is made in REDAT machine, constructed in Italy, with 0.8-1.0 G Force accuracy.

We engineer, design and manufacture all our products according to the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The design of the wheels might change due to product upgrades. 

Suitable for the following engine codes: CCZB, CAWB, CCZA


SKU ihi-400


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